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In addition to more spectrum for Wi-Fi, emerging technologies can use unlicensed frequencies to deliver cost-effective broadband to places not yet online. Different types of Wi-Fi—from the Wi-Fi you use today to emerging technologies that will enable Gigabit bandwidth or longer range connections—are different tools that make up an impressive Wi-Fi Swiss Army knife for connecting more people and devices to the Internet.


Unlicensed spectrum is a platform for innovation. Because it is open for everyone to use, any company, researcher or entrepreneur can bring low-cost wireless products and services to market. The emerging “Internet of Things”—communications among everyday devices outfitted with sensors and wireless control mechanisms that support a variety of applications—is made possible because of relatively low barriers to entry that allow manufacturers of these everyday items to create and experiment.


Policymakers in Bangladesh increasingly recognize the importance of Wi-Fi and the need to support its growth. But we must move beyond policy statements and never-ending proceedings to decisive action. Policymakers and regulators should protect Wi-Fi and promote investment and growth through initiatives that strengthen existing Wi-Fi spectrum designations, free up new frequencies for Wi-Fi and establish transparent and predictable rules for Wi-Fi spectrum. Rasa technologies is here to give you solution with Altai, Cambium and Edimax Pro including tower solution.

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